Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Code text
Country or region text
Local authority text
Notes text
All fuels: Domestic numeric
All fuels: Transport [note1] numeric
All fuels: Industrial, Commercial and other numeric
All fuels: Total numeric
Coal: Industrial [note 2] numeric
Coal: Commercial numeric
Coal: Domestic numeric
Coal: Rail numeric
Coal: Public sector numeric
Coal: Agriculture text
Coal: Total [note 2] numeric
Manufactured fuels: Industrial [note 3] numeric
Manufactured fuels: Domestic [note 3] numeric
Manufactured fuels: Total [note 3] numeric
Petroleum: Industrial numeric
Petroleum: Commercial numeric
Petroleum: Domestic numeric
Petroleum: Road transport [note 4] numeric
Petroleum: Rail numeric
Petroleum: Public sector numeric
Petroleum: Agriculture numeric
Petroleum: Total [note 4] numeric
Gas: Domestic numeric
Gas: Industrial, Commercial and other text
Gas: Total text
Electricity: Domestic numeric
Electricity: Industrial, Commercial and other numeric
Electricity: Total numeric
Bioenergy and wastes: Domestic numeric
Bioenergy and wastes: Road transport [note 4] numeric
Bioenergy and wastes: Industrial and Commercial numeric
Bioenergy and wastes: Total [note 4] numeric

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